Urdânuk was a Rank in the military organisation of Gorgoroth and Dol Guldur. It was equivalent or something in between of a colonel/Brigadier General and a major General.An Urdânuk of Gorgoroth usually was in command of an Urhuth, a legion or division of about 8.000 warriors, an Urdânuk of Dol Guldur could command between 4000-10.000 Men.

In Dol Guldur the Kirn-Urdânuk fulfilled the role of Quartermaster or privisions-officer, the Imga-Urdânuk was primary assistant to the Gonon-u-Kazgûmhoth and the Mak-Urdânuk was in charge of overseeing the outposts within Nan Lanc and the Emyn Guldur.

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