The Unca was a large cat found in the hilly woodlands of Far Harad. It was often the only large mammal in its ecosystem. Although somewhat like a leopard in appearance, it was much smaller.

The unca's pelt was patterned with splotches in various shades of brown, giving the predator perfect camouflage amid the plants of the forest. The unca used its coloring to excellent advantage as it prowled the overgrown jungle floor or hid in low branches in search of prey. The animal life of the wood was typically small and quick, so most of the cat's time was spent chasing through the leaves of the brush. However, the sturdy build of the beast allowed it the prospect of turning to larger game when such might be available. This stopped short of the deadly petla, but the playful stetan was fair game, and the cat showed no reluctance to prey on Men as well, when they could be taken quickly, and by surprise.


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