Ûmagaur the pale

Soon after the death of the Balrog, Umagaur the Pale

slew Buthrakur the Green, his sole rival in the Underdeeps. Buthrakur held the title "Warlord of the Underdeeps," but Umagaur sought a greater role. Proclaiming himself "Troll-king of the Hithaeglir," he rose from the Bowels of Endor and took Moria as his own fief. His savage Torog war-bands issued forth from the great subpits and conquered the whole of the Black Chasm. Umagaur is known as the "Werewolf-slayer," and indeed he wears a black, full-length, Warg-hide coat and a black steel helm shaped like the head of a Demon-wolf. The helm is fitted with bright-red, steel tongue, a casing for the Troll-king's own forked organ. He loves to use the sharp-edged device in close combat. Poisoned, it is alethal weapon. Umagaur's other weaponry includes a [[great war hammer]] called "Bone-taker" and a solid iron and lead staff known as the "Wargherd." Pale of skin, Umagaur is a rare albino Olog. He traces his origin to Utumno. Concealing his noble bloodline from the Balrog, he remained in the shadow of Buthrakur until his lord's demise. The Troll-king realized that the Valarauko would kill him if his true strenghts were unveiled.


  • MERP:Moria (Citadel)
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