Ulgathig or Ulgathic was a language among the Easterlings in the Second Age. The Reiksfrathig language-family derived from Ulgathig, including Brygathig, Folyavulthig, Gathmarig, Kugathig, and Logathig; Sagathig was sometimes also counted to this family although it was truly a direct descendant of Szreldorn.

Words and names from the Ulgathig languages

a - of, from
Agatsh - Timber
Athorn - North
Délút - South Way
Dilgul - Rockpoint
Dobok - Hills
Egil Dorn - Thunderhead
Felt - Yurt
Fokerdo - Darkwood Stand
Fól - River (pl. Folya)
Gahz - pony-like short horse
Galgorin - Greenfields
gath - People
Gathod - Land of Passage
Gazar - meadows
Goda Sarkar - Blood River
Gweletha - crystal-grey
Hunshahad - northmen
I - All
Ilanin - war-trophy
Kain - conquered
Kardavan - Steep-Banks
Kar - Wain
Kelepar - Far Shore
Killindrow - High Hold
Kolomok - Great Stone
Kug - Mist
Lar - place
Lo - Refuser
Log - Horse
Lyhud - a high-chief
Maijesk - a conjurer
Marakai - Deep-bottom
Mistrand - mingled Waters
Nabal Mayzri - dangerous isles
Nagadar - great work
Padvan - Whiterock Town
Parta Rokantha - Skeleton Coast
Purna - Reindeer
Rhytura - husband-partner
Rhyva - husband-partner
Sadvar - River Fork
Sag - looter
Salenin - brown
Scarakikot - Freeport
Sorna - pale
Sûrûbeki - pebble-bed
szem - King
Tangara Naji - great Sea (the sea of Rhûn)
Terom - goat
Toron - Tower
Tundera Var - Woodland View
Urv - yak-like mountain-Ox
van - Town
Vas - Iron
vod - town
Vuld - Land
Wôk - Helmet
Yunom - pack, group, squat (pl. Yunovi)

Outer information

The Ulgathic languages, made up the the ICE Authors, were spoken mainly in Central Middle-Earth and are loosely based on Turk vocabulary.

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