time period
about T.A. 1640

Uldûin was a product of the experimentation done by Dwâr of Wâw during his rule over the Isle of Dogs in the Third Age. Part Orc, part war-dog (or Werewolf), and part Wôlim, Uldûin sported goblin fangs and a canine snout in a Mannish face. His red hair braided with a chain of copper fell to his waist; hazel eyes gazed out above his dog's nose; and claw-like nails tipped his muscular fingers. His unusual appearance combined with his mastery of the sorcerer's way to inspire fear and obedience from his subordinates, respect and cooperation among his equals. Uldûin founded the Order of the Bwaig-ir-Omdren (W. "Blood of the Shadow"), a priesthood that enforced the Dog-lord's will throughout his kingdom. Prior to the Nazgûl's return to Mordor, Dwâr sent Uldûin to the Dark Lord as an example of the wraith's skill with bloodlines. Sauron ordered the Half-orc north to Angmar. Supervised by the Ongûlûn, Uldûin controlled the sorcerer priests of the Iron Land.


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