Ulfang, an Easterling-Lord of the First Age

The Easterling people of Ulfang, led by Ulfang's son Uldor, were a people of Swarthy Men in the first Age.At first they had been allies of the Eldar but betrayed them in the Battle of unnumbered tears when they defected to Morgoth.Later they received Hithlum as their fief, where they ruled over the remnants of the Hadorians who gave them the name Wolf-folk.After the fall of Hithlum they were known to the Elves as the Ulbarim or Homeless-People.Some of their clans had survived the drowning of Beleriand and returned to the east where they made themselves Lords of related clans.These were the Szrel and Vulszev.


Uldorians of renown:

Blodren Borte Brodda the Incomer Broddun Jurga Lorgan Orlin Uker Uldor the Accursed Ulfang the Black Ulfast Ulwarth

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