Uireas Bráighe

Directly beneath the Twisted Hill lay the barracks-community of Uireas Bráighe (Hi."Beneath the Hill",Du."Taneth Brin",S."Nuinamon"), constructed by Eldacar in T.A. 339 and perpetually the intrigue-ridden home of corrupted Dunadan and Hillman soldiers, merchants, and camp-followers.

Uireas Bráighe and the Twisted Hill

The barracks-settlement of Uireas Bráighe was always a much smaller village than Talamh Dairireach, never more than a home for warriors. It was tucked on a rocky shelf beneath the overhang of the Twisted Hill. A surrounding ravine was transformed into a formidable dry moat, and the stone causeway up from the Glenn Crec remained the only easy entry. The map gives a view approaching the fortress town across the valley to its south, from the general direction of Talamh Dairireach. Respectable merchants operated their shops in the streets nearest the guard headquarters (#3), while taverns, brothels, and shops of lesser quality were scattered through the town. When Cromm Bráighe was in its prime, under the first few Dúnadan Kings of Rhudaur, there were more buildings beyond the moat than inside it, and a line of smaller villages extended all the way to Talamh Dairireach. Most of these settlements were destroyed in the war with Cardolan in T.A. 1198-1235. Both inside and outside the wall, there were hiding places for Rhudauran deserters and Arthadan scouts. The buildings here fell into ruin after T.A. 1700, since the end of the Hillman revolt left too few people in Rhudaur to justify the expense of occupying the fortress. The well-built earth and stone wall encircling the village stood undisturbed into the Fourth Age.

I. Stone Bridge. The one-arch span crossed the dry moat
at its southwest corner. Redstone quarried from the
Trollshaws was the building material for both town and
2. Dry Moat. The ditch surrounded the hill on the west and
south sides. It varied in depth from 30 to 60 feet and was
between 25 and 120 feet wide.
3. Guard Headquarters and Armory. Patrols and onduty guard units operated from this complex. A small
armory supported emergency needs.
4. South Square. The square served as the principal intown drill field.
5. South Watchpost. A rock outcrop broke the flow of
the town's reinforced earth wall. Behind it stood a 60-
foot high stone watch tower. Within the tower, a spiral
stair descended to a passage to the Ureithel.
6. Entry Road. The winding roadway/stair climbed over
200 feet of the Fuintir.
7. Main (South) Gate. Two three-story guard towers and
a covered archer's turret watched the entry way to the
Twisted Hill.
8. Tir-barad Tereg. This 210-foot watchtower was built
in the early Third Age to guard the heights, provide for
seers and stargazers, and signal Arnor's other bastions.
9. Mitheithel. The river lay some miles to the north and


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