A worshipper of Uinen

Uinen (Q."Seawater"), is one of the two high servants of the Vala Ulmo. She is the spouse of Osse and, save him, she is the best known of the Maiar. Calm and quiet, Uinen is the spirit of friendly waters. Her restraint and inner peace stand in stark conttast to Osse's capricious ways. Uinen resides in fresh water, but her power, like Osse's, extends whenever water stands or flows— even deep below the earth. She is the protectress and shepherd of this precious gift. Uinen's most notable deed occurred in the early days, before history. When Osse succumbed to the soothing temptations and awesome power of Morgoth, Uinen restrained him. Aided and spurred onward by the prayers of the Smith Aule, she overcame the Black Enemy's seduction. Uinen rescued her spouse and successfully obtained his pardon from the Valar. Few acts of love and faith ever matched this sacrifice.


KTemporatia or Dagiel?


  • seaweedlike endlessly long hair ("spread through all the waters")


  • Sea-Crown
  • Uinen's Cup— Composed of transluscent milky-white laen and inlaid with adamant, this small (I2"xI2"x9")chalice weighs fifty pounds. When set upon a surface, it will—upon command— produce an endless stream of pure freshwater (cool or lakewarm). Thus, it serves as a sort of mobile spring, its waters unparalled for their taste and clarity.
  • Uinen's Ring— When worn and waved over a liquid, the ring purifies the liquid—ridding it of all poisons or disease.


  • Form— Although Uinen can take an exceptionally fair form, it has an ellusive, liquid quality. While extreme heat and cold affect her body, as do magic weapons, she is immune to normal solid objects and obstacles. She can breathe in water or air with equal ease.
  • Water-weaving— Uinen has absolute control over all water within 300'. She can manipulate it to create, among other things, the effects of any spell pertaining to the use or movement of water. So long as she concentrates, she can utilize and maintain any and all spells, although she can only initially employ one spell per round.
  • Lordship among Water-beasts— Uinen will not be attacked by beasts who live in water.


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