At the northernmost point of Berg Cradle Bay, where the Pitkävesi stroke deep between the Ered Rhívamar and the Ered Úmarth, lay Uichith (S. "Evermist"). It was a long valley of steaming hot springs, boiling mud pots and shooting geysers. It received its name from the veil of steam and vapor that continually hung over its boiling, mineral-laden waters. The surrounding valley, warmed by the waters, was lush with greenery and animal life. Reindeer and elk came here to warm themselves in the long winter, and small mammals of all types made the valley their home. While hardwoods and other deciduous trees were unknown upon the Cape of Forochel, the pines, firs, redwoods and cedars of Evermist grew to immense size. 

The hot-springs were a natural formation caused by the violent twisting and wrenching of the Iron Mountains in the War of Wrath. The fires beneath the earth were not able to break through, but made their presence known in the form of geysers and hot-springs. These waters collected to form a large, shallow lake at the center of the valley. The lake waters were warm and steamed continually in the cold northern airs. The lake shores were multicolored from the mineral waters, which left streaks of color along the beaches. Called the Hithaelin by the Elves, it contained no animal or plant life, and its waters were insufferably humid and hot.

The lake did hold an islet at its center: Tol Ely, the Isle of Visions, upon which stood the sweat-lodge of the Cuiviémar, the order of Noldorin Anustari that quested to free Forodwaith of Morgoth's taint. The Master of the Lodge, Nestador, was possessed of great foresight, and knew the names of any who approached the vale days before they reached its borders. Those of good heart who sought Evermist were often surprised to find one of the Cuiviémar's sentinels anticipating their arrival and ready to guide them through the many enchanted wards that defended the valley against intruders. 

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