Ufgamog was a brute at heart and liked nothing better than feasting on the roasted flesh of creatures he had killed with his bare hands. Those that served beneath him were certain to supply him with victims to slaughter; in the past, left without anything else to murder, Ufgamog had turned his monstrous appetite upon his servants. Despite his cruel demeanor, Ufgamog was a coward at heart. When faced with an opponent that had him overmatched, he would turn tail and run like a scared rabbit. Of course, because of his tremendous strength, size and ferocity, this rarely happened. The only creatures that had struck fear into Ufgamog had been the two overlords he had been privileged to serve. After the Balrog fell, there was a short war of succession to see who would again control of Moria. During this chaotic time, Ufgamog's greatest foe was Muranog. Ufgamog later counted Muranog as his most valued advisor, but he remained horribly jealous of his rival's intelligence. He had been known to cuff Muranog whenever the counselor offered him unsolicited advice. The last incident requiring such a reprimand was some time ago, and Ufgamog believed that he had shown the creature it's proper place.

Ufgamog dreamed of someday killing the Umagaur and assuming his rightful place as lord of all Moria. Of course, if such were to transpire, Ufgamog would find that he did not have the mental resources to control so many subjects at once. He was entirely lacking in subtlety, and his usual response to any problem that may present itself was violence. While such a strategy had worked for him thus far, it was certain that, were he on his own, he would quickly find that such a single-minded approach would not be sufficient to command as large a force as is needed to hold Moria.


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