Ufedhin was a Smith who arbitrated between Elu Thingol and the Dwarves of Nogrod.He was either a Noldo of the Mole-kin or a Tatyarin Avar akin to Eol's people.Because Ufedhin sided with the Dwarves when Thingol quarreled with them over the Nauglamir he was thrown into the dungeons of Menegroth.Looking for revenge on Thingol he joined the dwarves under Naugladur when they invaded Doriath although he later betrayed the Dwarves and killed his fellow conspirator the Dwarf Bodruith.Ufedhin fled into the wilderness where his longing for the Nauglamir and fear of Melian's revenge drove him into madness.


  • Belt of Gold (set with tiny gems)
  • Collar of silver and gold
  • Sword of Menegroth
  • Tunic of golden web
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