Udrabax in the southwestern Grey Mountains

Udrabax (Or. "Valley Hold") was the hold of the Uruk-Erag in the Grey Mountains.



The Caves of Urdubax

The Orc-hold at Udrabax consisted of rough caverns tunneled into the mountain by the Orcs. There was little sense or logic to the layout, and the Orcs used any chamber that came in handy for living and sleeping.

1, 2, 3. Entrances. At 3500, 3800, and 3900 feet, respectively. Each is barred by an iron-bound door and guarded by two Orcs at all times.

4.Storeroom. These contain foodstuffs, some weapons, leather, iron ingots,tools, etc.

5.Living/sleeping quarters.

6.Treasury. This room contains about 2,000 gp worth of gold, silver, jewelry, and gems. In addition, there are three Númenorean longswords (magic), and one magic breastplate.

7.Main hall.

8.Prison. Each cave-like cell is enclosed by iron bars. Currently empty.

9.Iron mines.

10. Forge/Workshop. Here the Orcs work the iron they mine, making tools, weapons, etc

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