The Orc-Road

The Orc Road was actually a crude trail that wound

southward through the Nan Lothanduin and led to Morannon and the Gates of Mordor. Ostensibly an animal track and hunting path, this trail held increasing importance, as Sauron's forces began migrating between Dol Guldur and the Dark Land. None of the Gondorians or Northmen who had discovered the nature of the route had survived, for the Evil One and his minions had been careful. Orcs, Wargs, and Trolls travelling along the rude highway moved only at night and in small groups, and generally during storms. Their camps were confined to preselected caves and marshlands located off the path. Since the settlements in southwestern Rhovanion were concentrated along the Men Romen on in the Anduin Valley, these foul servants of Darkness were rarely discovered. When they were, they invariably hunted down the unfortunate witnesses, slaying them before word reached anyone concerning the presence of the Necromancer's forces.

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