The Rulers of the Dark Lands
Tyrant Dictadors
Lieutenants of the Dictadors

The dense continent known as the Dark Lands or Morinore was controlled by many Empires and Clans that fought each other for the control of the Dark Lands.

Empires and Clans

  • Máugarth's Empire
  • Narunír's Host
  • Barumir's Criminal Empire
  • Rozar's Host
  • Harnim's Empire
  • Lurnir's Group


Máugarth's Empire

  • Black Trolls
  • Battle Trolls
  • Morgul Trolls
  • Black Orcs
  • Deep-Orcs
  • Ogres
  • Spiders from the Dark-Lands
  • Half-Trolls
  • Great-Snakes
  • Fell-Beast
  • Wights
  • Bats
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