The Feared Twelve of Mithrisars were an evil Order of Eastern Middle-Earth, former servants of Morgoth who had formed an alliance to pursue their own plans for the fate of Arda, which included infiltrating and manipulating the realms of the Men of Darkness and the Wild Men of Olyas Krîs, Kôdya, Yoyoyopo and the lands west of the Orocarni and controlling the rise and fall of Kings and Leaders.Their final goal however was to find the hiding-place and get control over the source of the Secret Fire which, as they believed, was hidden in the core of Ambar.Their main device of power was a mighty focus-crystal hidden at Mithrisars, which they used to draw life-energy from the dwellers of Arda.The Cult was believed to have been shattered by the late Second Age, at least two of it's leading figures were slain, Príclís, the warden of Mithrisars who fell by the hands of Nauk Zigildûn Gamil and Ûpo, who was defeated by Ingi'inda Grey-cloaked.

Supposed Members


The Twelve of Mithrisars eventually inspired the Jerak Ahrenreth of Rolemaster's Shadow World or Kulthea setting.


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