Turgon (S."Masterly Herald"; Q."Turukáno") was the younger of Fingolfin's two sons; he left the Undying Lands in the Rebellion of the Noldor, but was among the host abandonned by Feanor at the Helcaraxe. Upon reaching the shores of Endor, Turgon shunned the sons of Feanor, even after the hatred between the two houses was assuaged by Maedhros' abdication of the kingship to Fingon (Turgon's elder brother). Inspired by a dream sent by Ulmo, Turgon searched for a place of hidden strength where he might establish a refuge. He discovered the secret vale of Tumladen and there built Ondolinde, or Gondolin, upon a lone hill, in memory of Tirion upon Tuna. Gondolin was fair, its walls white, and in its fountains sung the music of Ulmo. It stood unassailed for long, but in the end Turgon's secret city was betrayed by his sister's son Maeglin, and Turgon himself was killed in the sacking. His daughter Idril Celebrindal and her son Earendil escaped.


  • -especially tall (taller than all but Thingol)
  • -brown hair


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