Dwarven mine lotro


Tumûn-gabil was originally a dwarf-mine below Amon lanc, founded by adventurous dwarves of Dwálin the wise and Drúin the Proud´s peoples.Later it was overrun by Orcs and became the secret hideout of the being known as the Necromancer, who built the tower of Dol Guldur upon the hill.


S.A. 20 Druin the Proud lay claim to Amon Lanc and founds the strong hold of Tumun-gabil

S.A. 97 Druin leads part of his clan to he Khailûzan lands, Borin stays behind to rule Tumun-gabil.

S.A. 1165 Some of Druin’s folk fled Rûrîk taking refuge in Tumun-gabil ("company of 50") and then in the Ered Luin.

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