Tulkas the Valiant

Tulkas (Q."Steadfast") is the consumate Warrior. He fights without weapons, anger, or fear, and knows no equal in strength or speed. Faster and stronger than any beast, he is a formidable foe and a valuable ally.


Tulkas' fana has gold hair, a gold beard, and a joyful, ruddy complexion. His deep, joyous laugh and dancing eyes lend him a gentle (albeit pow- erful) visage.


Strength, power, war, fighting, virility, martial arts, prowess, Valiance, Protector of the Sun.


The Valiant One always fights as if he was at play, laughing at obstacles as if they were games or playful chadenges. Thus, even though Tulkas is not one of the Aratar, Morgoth feared him more than any other Vala. Tulkas' complete lack of concern regarding threats and dangers pre- sented the Black Enemy with an opponent he could not intimidate. Morgoth could not use the Champion's ire as a tool against Tulkas, as he did with other foes. Exceedingly slow to anger, Tulkas is a fast friend who honors a bond of friendship with his very being. No one is more loyal. His weakness is rooted in his modest intedect, not his compas- sion. Indeed, Tulkas' mind makes him a poor coun- selor and reduces his stature among the Valar. The last to enter Ea, he is not counted as one of the Exalted Powers, despite his supreme physical talents and even though Tulkas subjugated Morgoth during the Battle of the Powers.





  • Bow of Tulkas
  • brazen belt
  • Gauntlet of Tulkas
  • Spear
  • Tunic of Hide


  • Size — Although he is not one of the Aratar, Tulkas is the most physically imposing Ainu.
  • Body — Tulkas' skin is as tough as mithril plate armor. His huge hands and inherent solidity give him the ability to strike without weapons.
  • Strength — Tulkas can toss any object weighing 450 lbs or less up to 400' without range penalty. He can throw objects up to 100 lbs up to 1200'.
  • Laugh of Thunder — Tulkas' hardy laugh is both deafening and terrifying.
  • Martial Arts — Given that Tulkas is the best at Martial Arts, he would know Monk base at will. 


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