Tuin Bod (Thiudabaurg)


Tuin Bod

Located on a strategic hilltop in the middle of the Angle, Tuin Bod (Du. "Hill of the Dwelling" Rh."Thiudabaurg", "People's Fortress";S."Bardol") overlooked the Men Egladil, the road connecting Fennas Drúnin with the Great East Road. The minor fortress had been taken, retaken, and rebuilt many times. In Stonearm's War, it was seized by King Ermegil of Rhudaur in T.A. 1634 and re-captured by Baumyakund of Faerdor in T.A. 1638. It was later held by a mercenary company in the pay of Faerdor led by commander Aldúrin, a Tarkil from Cardolan, who was cousin to the mercenary Captain Daeros of the Crois Marroc. Later Tuin Bod became the capital of the Vulvsagias.


Aldhelm Demuret Aldúrin Baumyakund Culberth Daeros Dagan Ecegar Nesan Nig Odaric Oswy Pad the Old Penda Vilhelm Vulfredda Wiglaf


Original form in MERP:Thuin Boid


  • MERP:Arnor
  • MERP:Dark Mage of Rhudaur
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