Snowbane (S. "Seron-etbuil", Q. "Tuilendil") or Spring-friend was a plant which could be found (though extremely hard) above mountain treelines, often in the shadow of cliffs or rocky outcroppings.

The small herb had 2 thumb-sized leaves growing at its base, both taller than its stem. In early spring, even before the spring-melt, snowbane produced bright red flowers which lasted for much of the short growing season. It did not thrive in warmer climes or lower altitudes.

When eaten, each snowbane leaf had a refreshing and accelerate healing effect, warming the consumer all over and enabling him to withstand (though not become impervious to) cold for 12 hours without heavy clothes. The subject still felt the chill, but it was easily dismissed and did not distract him or have its usual physiological effects. Snowbane leaves kept for 3 weeks after being picked.

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