Tset-Habaor (possibly a name of Ulgathic origin) was a temple-city of Rhûn. It consisted chiefly of a great central temple and a surrounding village, but of what material, wood, stone, or metals, the city-state was built is not known. The city was most likely built on the old City Kelepar or Elgaer, the deities of which the Temple was probably originally sanctified to. Its name likely changed after Sauron´s War-Priests had taken control of the Easterlings, for it lay within the territory of the Sauronic Empire, and it seems to have been in such a state about the time of the War of the Ring. It is likely that the Temple within was then dedicated to Sauron himself, but it is not known whether or not it persisted into the Fourth Age as a final bastion of the Dark Lord's holdings.


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