Trotter by jon hodgson1

Trotter, before his feet were scarred. Art by Jon Hodgson.

Trotter (also called Padathir, Rhimbedhir and Du-finnion) was a rugged Hobbit, the only ever Hobbit to become a member of the Order of the Rangers of the north. His past and true identity were forgotten but legend has it that Trotter was actually Fosco Took or Peregrin Boffin while other sources assume that he was actually a Wild Hobbit, a member of one of the lost tribes of Eriador.

Trotter got his name from his wooden shoes, a most un-Hobbitlike trait, which hid terrible scars on his feet. These scars were inflicted on him at the hands of servants of the Enemy.

Real-World Significance

In earlier drafts of The Lord of the Rings, the character who would eventually become Aragorn was originally a hobbit named "Trotter".

Trotter is also used as a sample character in The One Ring - Roleplaying in Middle Earth.

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