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(S. Pinnath Tereg) (N)


The Trollshaws in Third Age 3019 (LotRO)


Location of the Trollshaws (MERP)
Hills, Forests
(N) = non-canon

The Trollshaws[1] (S. Pinnath Tereg[2]) were a series of forested hills in central Rhudaur. True to their name, the Pinnath Tereg were home to a large population of Trolls (mainly Stone-trolls), who provided no end of troubles for the local Hillmen and travelers on the Great East Road.

Regions, Rivers, and Roads

Blogath's Vale Bruinen Bruinen Gorges Dark Hills Drauglad Gladdalf Gleann na Creige Len Rómen Men Galedhol Mitheithel Nan Tornaeth North Trollshaws Trollwater Trollwood Wovenvales Yfelwyd

Places of Note

Amon Varadh Bar-e-Therchir Barachen's Camp Barad Glamgil Barad Remmellad Brochenridge Cromm Bráighe Dol Carak Dol Cultirith (Thorenhad) Ford of Bruinen Glamgil Falls Ost Belegram Huggins Troll-Cave Inn at the Last Bridge Laenan Last Bridge Lavanim Lost Temple Malm Bairg's Tower Minas Ciliant Narlinn's Post Nurath Old Trollshaw Quarry Ost Brandras Ost Chall Ost Dúrgonn Ost Thondol Ruined Farmhouse The Stone-Trolls (Stone-trolls' Glade) Tanoth Brin Thingroth Tirthon Torogrod Trapdoor Lair Trollbridge Caverns Tyrrilth


About T.A. 1640

About T.A. 3018

  • Elves: Arrod Barachen Breglobor Calenthon Elladan Elrohir Elweleth Fathrem Fimgris Gelluigon Haerel Ithriel Limruineth Narlinn Ninimiel Pigedhryn Pothlorn Rochwen Ruthlas Scristan Silivremir Thoroniel
  • Men: Radanir Vátair Grim-crow
  • Orcs: Fûthurz
  • Trolls: Búth Galin
  • Other: Malloval


  1. "Shaws" is archaic or dialectal English for "a small wood; thicket; copse"
  2. The name Rhudaur is itself glossed as "Troll-shaws" in Parma Eldalamberon XVII, however this gloss does not accord with other sources. The Sindrin name Pinnath Tereg was created by the ICE authors, and is therefore non-canonical.