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Grey Mountains, Misty Mountains, Moria, Mordor , various smaller Tribal Realms
Trollish;heavily accented Dialects of Orcish, Westron or local mannish Tongues; the Black Speech (Olog-Hai)
Height & weight of average adult
Between 9' and 15' & 450 - 900 lbs
Average Lifespan
long lived to Immortal
Renowned individuals

Trolls were a vile Race of Middle-Earth. Along with the Orcs, they were counted to the Uvanimor or Melkorindi - the creatures of Morgoth. They were made by the first Dark Lord in mockery of the Ents, though there was lot of debate as to how this had been done. One account suggested it was achieved by imprisoning evil (goblin-) spirits in bodies created of rocks, which would explain why some turned to stone in the daylight. Another suggested that Trolls were made from "primitive human-types" (Or perhaps huge giant Apes similar to the hill-beasts); since in Tolkien's legendarium, things usually become mere shadows of their ancestors with each generation, not greater, the sheer size, power, and general magic behind trolls could be explained by a possible descent from a mannish people similar to the ancestors of the Beornings or the Giants.

There were several distinct races of wild trolls and the far stronger and more intelligent Olog-Hai, who were immune to the influence of daylight, which turned the wild trolls into stone. Some trolls were known to have had more than just one head.

Trolls were known by many varying names throughout Middle-earth - the word Troll itself was taken from the tongues of the Northmen but became a comon loanword in Westron. Elves knew trolls as Tereg (Sindarin sgl; "Torog", pl), Orcs as Ologs (Or. "Horrible ones").Other names given to them included Drows or Trowes (Hillman) , Tarug (Khuzdul) , "Derrâ" (Plainstongue), "Tôk" (Mûmakanin) and Ulug (Adûnaic).

Trolls of Renown

Agin Arador's Bane Ardagor Baltab Bert Huggins Brök Buhrdur Bulrakur Burazog Burzash Buthrakur Gorthog Gothmog (possible) Hargrog Huntan Kadak Kur-Tuk Lugronk Muranog Obirt Ognor Orkamur Rogash Rogrog Rugrul Saggo Tol-Tuk Tom Huggins Tormog Ufgamog Ulthug Umagaur Uthcu Waren William Huggins



"Half-Trolls" are possibly halfbreeds, created magically by hybridization of Trolls and Men (mostly Southrons or Variags).

Other Possible Troll-Kind:


Known Tribes

Trolls or Troll-kind in LOTRO

Several Orc Tribes, as the Blogmal, Ghâsh-Hai, Globsnaga, Krahjarn, Ongbúrz, Snowreap Tribe, Tarkrîp also have Troll-members.


The Legendarium only mentions "Hill-, Mountain-, Snow-, Stone-Tolls" and Olog-Hai, though "Demon-Trolls" are alluded to.Both MERP and LOTRO also mention "Wood- or Forest Trolls" and MERP introduced "Desert Trolls" while LOTRO introduced "Fire Trolls".the Hall of Fire magazine introduced "Swamp, Sea- and Jungle-Trolls" for The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game, although a kind of "Sea-Troll" also appeared in The Battle for Middle-earth Series.

The World of Loremaster (ICE Series) features the Karku, a race believed to be related to both, Trolls and Men.The Karku are divided into two subraces, the smaller and more primitive Garks (Tanara) and the greater and more intelligent Krals.

Shadows of Mordor features the Graugs, obviously a Race of lesser Troll-Kind or Demon-Trolls.