Treebeard, the great guardian of Fangorn Forest was, aside from the Maiar, the oldest living creature in Middle Earth. His name, "Treebeard," was the exact translation of his Sindarin name Fangorn which he shared wilh the forest. No one knew whether the Ent was named after the forest or vice-versa. Both were extremely ancient. Fangorn Forest and the Old Forest were the last two woodlands remaing from the Elder days. Both yet retained areas where the shadow of the Great Darkness had not lifted, Treebeard's works, because of his deep wisdom, had been many, significant, and good. He was responsible for the discovery and establishment of Fangorn Forest as the last true haven for the Ents, He aroused the other Ents in the necessary assault on Saruman, and probably bent the Huorns to their assault on the Hornburg. Treebeard did a better job than most Ents in monitoring what was happening in the outside world. He remained especially interested in the Istari, because he knew that their works influenced all the world, including the Ents and their home-lands. Treebeard resembled a beech or oak tree, and staoodabout fifteen feet talk He was one of the strongest of the Ents and although he was patient and compassionate, when finally angered, he could wreak terrible destruction.



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