Trapped between the frozen shores of the Bay of Desolation to the north and the Bleak Mountains to the south and cast lay the icy plain of Torogmar (S. "Troll Home;" La. "Rumain Teurastajoiien Koti") . The peaks and foothills of the Bleak Mountains were rife with the caverns and tunnel networks of Snow Trolls. The Ystävät Talven seldom ventured into the area—few of those who had done so had ever returned.

The Snow Troll dwellings beneath the Bleak Mountains were barren, black holes of despair. The mountain range offered little for the Trolls to eat, and they continually raided eastward over the mountains into the Lakeland and southwards down the Fire Tundra as far as Rast Losnaeth. While they took fish, seals and sometimes even whales from the Bay of Desolation, the utter wasteland where they lived limited their diet. The Snow Trolls lived singly or in isolated pockets, separated from one another by miles of mountainside. However, many lairs had secret tunnels and passageways that snaked far beneath the mountains and emerged at distant points near to other lairs. The Trolls band together only to raid Ystävä Talven settlements. They occasionally cooperated in the landing of a whale or the killing of a bear, but ordinarily lived their lives apart. Anyone venturing into these caves found trouble and little else.

While the Snow Trolls stole goods and small trinkets from their victims, the amount of treasure found in their caves was usually very small. On occasion, a Troll using the same cave for many centuries would amass quite a fortune in ivory—not stolen jewelry, but the tusks of the many walruses the Troll had Lumimiehet of the Talath Uichel devoured. The tusks could be found still attached to the skull and on the Troll's rubbish heap with innumerable other bones. On raids further south or from some unfortunate passing traveler a Troll might have captured a single precious or valuable item in his hoard, such as a necklace of gems or a magical sword.

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