Torhir Ifant (S."Old Royal Lord"?) was a Scholar who wrote the Dorgannas Iaur, a book that contained an "account of the shapes of the lands of old."

Outside of this not much was known about Torhir, though part of his name, Ifant, meant old in noldorian-Sindarin.No doubt he was old when he wrote the book, and it should be assumed that he had great knowledge and linguistic skills to have done so.


It is surmised that Torhir was a masterful warrior of the Edain during the War of Wrath. Being a middle aged man at the time, Torhir presumably had great knowledge of Elven tactics, knowledge, and culture which inspired him to write Dorgannas Iaur long after Beleriand sank beneath the waves. The knowledge imparted by the elves served him greatly in his battles during the War of Wrath.

Another possibility would be that Torhir was in fact a Sinda or Sindarin speaking Noldo, one of the Lambengolmor of Eressëa.The Name Torhir may contain the Doriathrin word "tôr" ("Kings").

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