Tol Malbor Overview and Details

Once there had been on the Eastern Dagorlad a fair estate called

Parth Mallin ("Golden Fields"). The marshes gradually crept up to the property and started to swallow the buildings. In vain its lord and master built dikes to hold back the waters, but the forces of nature and the Undead were too much for the estate and its people; the master's eldest son was lured into the waters one night as he tended a dike. He was never seen again. Heartbroken, the lord gathered up the remains of his family and retainers and went back to Imloth Melui in Gondor. The handsome manor house with its carefully tended gardens lay abandoned.But Parth Mallin gained a new name, Tol Malbor ("Isle of the Golden Fist") and a new master, a bandit, who loved the place even as much as its old master did. Even though the walls were disintegrating and one of the towers stood entirely surrounded by the teeming waters of the marsh, he loved it. His men had planted Daynet and Grabworts and snares where they would surprise unwanted visitors, and the vaults of the old estate provided plenty of room for his ample collection of stolen treasure. The proud towers no longer stood above carefully tended flowers and fruit-trees: now they loomed in the mists above groves of poisonous Pangwood and rows of pit traps. Parth Mallin was once more just as "fair" as the land around it.

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