Caras Celernen and Tol Lammenfirith

About ten miles north of Caras Celairnen, still

within the bounds of the swamps between the lower Uialduin and the Lhun, stood the monastery of Tol Lammenfirith (S. "Muted-voice Isle"). The monastery was located on a tree-covered island boasting a watch-tower built sufficiently high on a pile of ancient rubble to be visible from the town. The isolated house sheltered an order of monastic scholars dedicated to collecting Arthadan books and documents. Their purpose was to gather as much material as possible before the fall of the realm, which they felt would come.

Tol Lammenfirith was not disturbed by the Angmarrim who raided this area in the Third Northern War, and thus the monastery fulfilled its aim of preserving Arthadan culture in writing. Throughout the later Third Age, it executed a higher purpose: the extensive grounds and isolated location of the isle made it a perfect training ground and magazine for the Rangers of the North. The only Ranger outpost to remain in continuous use through the entire Age of Abandonment, the encampment retained its old reputation as a monastery. Few even in Caras Celairnen ever understood its true purpose. Rangers discussing Tol Lammenfirith in the field always called it by the official code-name "Book-sword" or its unofficial one, "Bloodletter," the latter a reference to the hoards of Bloodflies that rose from the Uialduin every summer to torment the monastery and its guests.


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