Tol Fuin and Himling

Tol Fuin (S. "Shadowy Isle", Q. "Tolfuinê") an island nearly sixty leagues in length, once was the highland of Taur-na-Fuin in the First Age. The only settlements to exist here was a small whaling colony populated by Numenoreans in the early to mid Second Age, when its evils were still dormant. Tol Fuin may be divided into five parts, proceeding clockwise: Ladros, the north-eastern plain; the Ered Gorgoroth of the south-east; Anach to the south-west; and the vale of Rivil to the north-west. Foen and the forest of Dorthonion rose in the midst of the island. In the First Age what later became Tol Fuin stretched some sixty leagues from west to east; later it stretched some 150 miles. The climate of Tol Fuin was cold, similar to the northern frontier of Arthedain and the nearby Lothlann of Lindon. The blocking highlands of the south prevented warm winds and currents from rendering the island more pleasant. A semi-constant wind from the Ekkaia brought snow and cold all winter, and made even the summer chilly and damp. From Narwain to Gwaeron the temperature averaged about 0-20 númenórean degrees, and snowfall was common. The sea wa lashed with storms and icebergs rode the northern shores. Gwirith to Nôrui saw a gradual warming. By the end of the sixth month, the temperature reached 45-65 degrees, though it rained frequently, and harsh winds made the apparent conditions seem worse. Summer (Cerveth to Ivanneth) saw the island flower and the grimness of the land became sublimity (biting insects however made the land uncomfortable for most). Temperatures ranged between 50 to 80 degrees. Fall (Narbeleth to Girithron) saw the heat fall swiftly to 20-35 degrees, and light snow began to fall. In general, the other islands of the Great Sea ranged between 5 degrees higher (Himring, Tarthir and Taras) to 10 degrees higher (Tol Morwen).


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Places of Note

Anach Bar Gorlim Caew Gladwial Dol Beleg Eithel Rivil Foen Gorothress Orod Ungol


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