Boromir: "Is it not a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt for so small a thing? So small a thing!"
- J. R. R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring II:10
Tol Aduial (Tolfalas)
Tol Aduial
Tol Aduial detail
Tol Aduial Location Revised
Location of Tol Aduial off the south-western coast of Tolfalas
Other names Tol Aduil
Type island, county
Location Tolfalas, Bay of Belfalas
Realm Gondor
Capital Lond Aduial
Founded late Second Age
Summary lighthouse, outpost
Inhabitants Azûladanakh’irim (Dúnedain); Haruze; Northmen
Language(s) Westron
Lifespan late Second Age - Fourth Age

Tol Aduial[1] (S. Dusk Isle) was a small island just off the south-western coast of Tolfalas in the Bay of Belfalas, traditionally part of Gondor.


Apple Tree Brook; Apple Tree Hill; The Arch and the Blowhole; Big Cow; The Blowhole; Cavalry Paddocks; The Cinderblocks; The Highlands; Little Cow; Nine Mile Beach; Picnic Point; The Point; Seal Rocks; The Torr; The Western Ridge


The Azûladanakh’irim; The Haruze; Northmen


Denzi's Wake; Eastern Port; Lond Aduial; Naraduial; The Crossroads


  • MERP Fan Modules: Tol Aduil A Haven in the Bay by Michael Cole, ca. 2008
  1. NOTE: original form in MERP: Tol Aduil
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