Tirnorto (sw Av."Tîrangorot"), the communications center of the Court was the domain of Valcahrissë, Ihe Lord of Arms; and the Messenger made his home here as well. By design a grace ful palace of high walls and slender towers, it was perched upon the summit of a sheer peak jutting the of the waters of the Koros bay to an impossible height. Part of Tirnorto's mystique was, no doubt, the large cloud which hovered perpetually about the top of the peak, giving the impression that the castle was in fact floating on the cloud.


Only one entrance to the citadel was known for certain: the great drawbridge gate which opened onto thin air. Indeed, it served only as a runway for the great grey falcons of Tirnorto and their silver-and-blue clad riders. Another way ws only rumored: the "ten thousand steps", a spiral stair which ran from Ihe bottom chambers, still thousands of feet above sea level, to deep below the sea floor, where a tunnel leds to the mainland. Whether this stair even existed was a matter of eternal speculation.



OrigInal name in MERP:Tirgoroth = Tîrnorto = Tîrangorot

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