Tir Limlight

  • Type: Bordertown and Fortress
  • Inhabitants: 60% Gondorian, 40% Northman.
  • Population: 156
  • Origin: Settled by Gondorian merchants, c. TA 1510
  • Purpose: Trading with Northmen on the River Anduin; a watch-post for potential threats to Gondor from Rhovanion.

Tir Limlight or Ost Celebrant ("Limlight Fort"),overlooking the southern edge of Parth Celebrant and the green plains, guarding the Northern Boundary of Calenardhon, marked the effective northern limit of Gondorian authority and it guarded one of the few crossings of the Anduin at the Undeeps. Orcs occasionally harassed this town, but never in large enough numbers to cause serious damage. Northmen from upriver occasionally visited the town to sell their wares, and Tir Limlight was slowly becoming a center for trade.During the times of the War of the Ring Limlight fort was a forsaken ruin shunned by the Rohirrim and Elves.

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