Tinfang Gelion or Timpinen the Piper was considered the third greatest minstrel in middle earth (behind Maglor and Daeron of Doriath).He was believed by some to be the son of Elu Thingol and Melian and the brother of Lúthien Tinúviel, others thought of him as a Fay or Leprawn.His exact origin stayed a mystery.


  • ageless appearance
  • bright, glinting eyes
  • short for an elf
  • ivory skin
  • silver-white hair
  • short silver-white beard



In the Lindon Gazetteer Tinfang is considered to have once been the tutelary Spirit of river Gelion. Tinfang Gelion is most likely a Bard and possesses unique items. GM's may wish to give him a part in any campaign as stats for his character were not given by ICE/MERP. Most likely he would have many potent items and he would most likely be an 80th level, considering that the two best Bards of Middle Earth (Maglor and Daeron) are 85th and 90th respectively. But given that his sister was a 150th Level, he himself may have been a 150th as well.  It would be interesting to see how his kids turned out and if he married a Maiar or another woman from a different mortal race.  


  • Gwarbhlin
  • Tinfang Gelion
  • Tinfang Warble
  • Timpinen
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