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Arda in the First Age

Second Age

Third Age

in battle.

Fourth Age

  • F.O. 1 - The Eldar begin to depart.
  • F.O. 2-32 - The Eldar abandon the Tower Hills and the surrounding locales. Only Círdan remains in the Grey Havens.
  • F.O. 4-50 - the great Travels of T'revor Arain and other Heroes: Kôma, Sen Kay, Ste', Mirag, Onree, Muldec, Tobold Goodburrow, Darien, Nandar, Carnil.
  • F.O. 6 - Peregrin Took marries Diamond of Long Cleeve
  • F.O. 6 - Shire is made a Free Land, under protection of the Northern Sceptre, and along with the Drúadan Forests, are off-limits to Men.
  • (Date Uncertain) - Birth of Elfwine, son of Éomer and Lothíriel
  • (Date Uncertain) - Birth of Elboron, son of Faramir and Éowyn
  • (Date Uncertain) - awakening of Durin VII
  • F.O. 13 - Peregrin Took becomes 32nd Thain of the Shire
  • F.O. 15 - Death of Glóin, father of Gimli.
  • F.O. 15 - Rebuilding of Annúminas begins.
  • F.O. 34 - Death of Prince Imrahil. Imrahil's son Elphir assumes the Principality.
  • F.O. 41 - Birth of Holfast Gardner, son and heir of Frodo Gardner
  • F.O. 61 - Samwise Gamgee leaves Middle-earth via Mithlond
  • F.O. 63 - Meriadoc Brandybuck, aged 102, and Pippin leave the Shire to live in Gondor; death of Éomer, aged 93, whose son Elfwine ascends the throne of Rohan.
  • F.O. 67 - Death of Prince Elphir, son of Imrahil, 23rd Prince of Dol Amroth. Elphir's son Alphros assumes the Principality.
  • F.O. 80 - Birth of Harding of the Hill, Sam Gamgee's heir and great-grandson.
  • F.O. 82 - Death of Faramir, aged 120. His son Elboron assumes the Stewardship.
  • F.O. 91 - Death of Dwalin, brother of Balin, aged 341.
  • F.O. 95 - Death of Prince Alphros of Dol Amroth, son of Elphir.
  • F.O. 100 - Moria still abandoned.
  • F.O. 120 - Death of Aragorn, King of the Reunited Kingdom of Arnor and Gondor, after 210 years of life and a 122-year reign; Aragorn's son Eldarion ascends the throne. According to legend, on the death of Aragorn, Legolas builds a ship and sails into the west to the Undying Lands, taking Gimli (now a very old Dwarf) with him.
  • F.O. 120 - King Elessar (Aragorn II) passes away. Eldarion Telcontar becomes King of the Reunited Kingdom. Legolas, marking the final passing of the Fellowship of the Ring.
  • F.O. 121 - Death of Queen Arwen, aged 2901.
  • F.O. 172 - A copy of the Red Book of Westmarch is made.
  • F.O. 185 - Death of Harding of the Hill, Sam Gamgee's heir.
  • About F.O. 220 - the rise of new enemies:Easterlings led by Khôragan and Brûdhan and the Haradrim led by Felês and Selâth.The Ithryn Luin warring against each other ijn the East.
  • F.O. 264 - King Eldarion Telcontar passes away. Elessar II Telcontar becomes King of the Reunited Kingdom.
  • F.O. 300-500 - The Men of the West establish major overland trade links with Peoples of the East. Dorwinion and Khand rise in power.
  • F.O. 400-450 - Relmether, East of Mordor, rises in economic power.
  • F.O. 408 - King Elessar II passes away. Elendil Telcontar becomes King of the Reunited Kingdom.
  • F.O. 432-864 - Last major Eldar migration through Lindon. Avari groups supplant the Eldar in many of the more guarded enclaves of Northwestern Endor. Other Elven sites are abandoned or given over to Men.
  • F.O. 552 - The aged Elendil Telcontar abdicates the throne of the Reunited Kingdom in favor of his eldest son, Isildur Telcontar.
  • F.O. 696 - Rather than abdicating the throne of the Reunited Kingdom, Isildur Telcontar grants his son lordship over the North Kingdom.
  • F.O. 700 - Isildur Telcontar passes away. Anárion Telcontar becomes King of the Reunited Kingdom.
  • F.O. 701-712 - The First River War. The Variag-Nûriag-Nurniag alliance, known as "the Collusion of the Ûsrievrim," conquers the Chey lands and all of eastern Rhûn.
  • F.O. 750 - After the Lords of Umbar declare the waters off the Harad Coast as the Umbarean Sea, the Kingdom of Gondor faces an economic crisis.
  • F.O. 752-775 - The Sail War. The Kingdom of Gondor struggles against the Umbareans. The Haradrim side with both belligerents. Gondor ultimately prevails, but the conflict serves to create disharmony among the peoples of the North and South Kingdoms.
  • F.O. 775 - Anárion II is murdered after crushing the Umbareans near Linhír. Arathorn Telcontar becomes King of the Reunited Kingdom.
  • F.O. 783-800 - The Second River War. The Collusion of the Ûsrievrim is abandoned as civil war rages across central Endor. The Variag-Nûriag- Nurniag triad collapses, with each party becoming the focal point of rival "successor alliances."
  • F.O. 799 - Anárion Telcontar perishes in the Red Plague. His young son, Beleg Telcontar, becomes King of the Reunited Kingdom and moves to stabilize the volatile southern frontier.
  • F.O. 800-1000 - Great mannish migrations create turmoil throughout Endor.
  • F.O. 800 - Battle of Ethir Harnen. North and South Kingdom naval and land forces crush a large army composed of Umbareans, Variags, Haradrim, and various mercenary groups from southwestern Endor.Serious losses by the North Kingdom - the result of the furious ambush that opened the battle -contribute to a considerable weakening of the North Kingdom. Beleg Telcontar is hereafter known as "Hyarmendacil III."
  • F.O. 843 - Hyarmendacil III passes away. His son, Eärnil Telcontar becomes King of the Reunited Kingdom.
  • F.O. 915 - Eärnil Telcontar further divides the administration of the Reunited Kingdom. The former realms of Gondor and Arnor are hereafter called the Twin Kingdoms. Eärnil Telcontar's two sons - Telumehtar Telcontar and Eärnur Telcontar preside over the North and South Kingdoms, respectively.
  • F.O. 950 - Eärnil Telcontar passes away. Telumehtar Telcontar becomes King of the Twin Kingdoms. However, Eärnur Telcontar challenges his brother and assumes the throne of the North Kingdom.
  • F.O. 953 - Telumehtar Telcontar marches on the North Kingdom. Eärnur Telcontar's brief reign ends. Telumehtar Telcontar orders Eärnur Telcontar into exile on the northernmost of the Isles of the Dead That Live.
  • F.O. 1000 - Telumehtar Telcontar and his three young sons are all murdered. There are no direct heirs. Eärnur Telcontar returns from exile to become King of the Twin Kingdoms. The Men of Enedwaith, Minhiriath, and Eregion declare themselves independent.
  • F.O. 1001 - Eärnur Telcontar is forced to take his own life. South Kingdom oligarches tighten their reign on both political and economic matters by electing Valamir the Younger as Steward of the South Kingdom. Despite the fact that Eärnur Telcontar's son, Arvedui Telcontar, is crowned King and reaches his majority later the same year, Valamir acts as the de facto overlord of the South Kingdom. F.A. 1001-1020 The sundering of the Twin Kingdoms. Arthedain is reestablished as the North Kingdom disintegrates. The Shire remains a Free Land.
  • F.O. 1020 - Amlaith Telcontar, a distant kinsman of Telumehtar II's wife Berúthien, becomes King of the North Kingdom. He declares the Shire a "royal protectorate" and embarks on a program aimed at consolidating the fragmenting North Kingdom.
  • F.O.1020-1050 - Despite Amlaith Telcontar's good intentions, the Shire folk seek Elven aid in order to construct a Girdle of the Shire. Their embassies to the Sindar and Avari of Lindon are only modestly rewarded. While protected by strange weather patterns, the Shire remains vulnerable to any persistent intrusion.
  • F.O. 1072 - Valamir the Younger becomes the Ruling Steward of the South Kingdom when the childless King Arvedui Telcontar passes away.
  • F.O. 1092 - Amlaith Telcontar dies while on campaign near Bree. Valamir the Younger passes away later the same year. Valamir's son, Targon Telcontar, becomes the Ruling Steward of the South Kingdom.
  • F.O.1092-1099 - The Great Eriadoran War. Amlaith II's son, Eärendur Telcontar ("the Great"), claims a series of great victories over the chieftains of Cardolan and Minhiriath (Valros and Púil).
  • F.O. 1100 - Eärendur Telcontar proclaims himself King and thus reestablishes the North Kingdom. Targon declares himself King of the South Kingdom and issues a declaration of war against the North Kingdom.
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