Thuringwethil (S."She of the hidden Shadow"), Messenger of Angband and Tol-in-Gaurhoth.This female Vampire was a favorite of Sauron and served as his messenger during the Quest of the Silmaril in the First Age.Some Loremasters believed her to have once been a Maia of Nienna's People who had become ensnared by Morgoth after his unchaining and who had followed him after the felling of the Two trees. It was her shape that the Half-maia Lúthien used to gain entrance to Angband, for Thuringwethil( S . "Woman of the Secret Shadow") lost her powers and her cloak of shaping when Tol- in-Gaurhoth (S. "Isle of Werewolves") fell and Sauron fled, he himself taking the form of a Vampire.


  • Thuringwethil's Batskin/Raiment


  • Dolwethil)


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