Celebost above the Withered Heath


Located high up in the north-eastern spur of the Grey Mountains, beyond the Withered Heath, lay the fabled Caverns of Thrumfall (S."Celeb-ost"), a city out of Dwarvish legend. Stories of this lost city and its founder, the enigmatic Narvi V , abounded throughout Dwarven communities. Few had sought the truth, and those that had had not returned to tell of what they had found — if they found anything at all other than perhaps dormant Dragons who had claimed lordship of Thrumfall after the War of the Dwarves and Dragons.

Places of Note

  • Celebost
  • Caverns of Thrumfall
  • Etterfang's lair
  • Glimmerdeep
  • Stormwall

Characters of note

Bórin son of Náin Drengur Etterfang


Other Hands, issue 23, from 1998 - article: Dragons of the North:

  • locations of the Celebost (S.Celeb-ost) has been moved slightly westward
  • it was named as Gathol-zigil
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