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Bane of the Northern Waste, Throkmaw the Black was the mightiest winged Dragon, save Smaug, in all the Grey Mountains. Like Smaug, he was a descendant of Ancalagon and had inherited much of his archfather's strength. Fortunately for the Free Peoples of Rhovanion, though, Throkmaw never ventured south of the peaks. Instead, he confined himself to rare flights into the northern wastes, where he hunted Trolls and Lossoth. His lair was situated beneath the Shab Arch, in the northern foothills of the range, about 20 miles northeast of Scatha's home in Gondmaeglom.


The ICE Canon made Throkmaw a child of Ancalagon and one of the few Dragons that actually survived the War of Wrath.This seems unlikely as when smaug invaded Erebor in 2770 he was still considered a relatively young drake.As Glaurung needed about 200 years to grow to full strength after his first appearance it seems unlikely that Smaug was actually much more than four hundred years old.Also Tolkien stated that only two dragons (seemingly one Cold Drake and one Fire Drake) had survived the war of Wrath and became the ancestors of all later Dragons.More likely Smaug and his brothers and sister (Throkmaw, Ruingurth and Utumkodur) were grand- or even great-grandchildren of Ancalagon. For the purposes of the timeline and canon of this wiki and Tolkien's work, Utumkodur is considered to be the dragon female that survived the War of Wrath, thus making Ruingurth a descendant of her.


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