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Thranduil's Halls (or the Elvenking's Halls): the fortress and stronghold of the Woodland Realm.

  • Type: Elven Halls 
  • Inhabitants: 93% Silvan Elvish, 7% Sinda
  • Population: 500 
  • Origin: Built by Prince Thranduil around TA 1050
  • Purpose: Begun as a retreat for the Prince of the Woodland-realm, the halls became a Palace when Thranduil abandoned the halls at Caras Amarth.
  • Symbol: The Beech Leaf.
  • Other Names:  Aradhrynd, Mardo Thranduilo, Caras-e-Dawarwaith

The capital and largest city of the Elven kingdom of northern Mirkwood, fashioned after the model of Nargothrond. Using a hill by the edge of the forest as his base, King Thranduil ordered his subjects to carve fair halls and caverns beneath it. Thranduil completed his dwelling after the Shadow of Dol Guldur began growing in the southern reaches of the forest. The halls are not dark, like those of Goblins, but sparkle with torchlight and merriment. Only a small number of Elves actually make their home at the Aradhrynd since most prefer to dwell under the canopy of Mirkwood's leaves.

Places of Note

  • Entrance
  • Main Hall
  • Prison
  • Residences
  • Storeromms

Other Games

In MERP Thranduil's Halls are known as "Aradhrynd". In Elendor MUSH, Thranduil's Halls are referred to as "Amon Thranduil", literally "the Hill of Thranduil". LOTRO uses the name "Felegoth".


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