Thranduil (N."Vigorous spring") was a Sindar elf who was the son of Oropher and Nemireth, the brother of Arafel, the husband of Arhendhiril, and the father of Legolas, Lindariel, and Faelwen. He remained Lord of Caras-e-Dawarwaith, or Aradhrynd in the hollowed limestone buttress on the North-Eastern end of Mirkwood, until sometime in the fourth age.  This fortress was hard against the Taurduin river and crossed by a single bridge.  He was noted for his generally isolationist policies until softened by his friendships forged during the Battle of the Five Armies


-Golden Hair


  • Sword (or Swords) - considered broadswords, +45, of slaying Trolls & Great Spiders. Fumbles only on an unmodified 1.
  • Elven Longbow - +45; fires 2 arrows a rnd, and all arrows are of slaying Orcs.
  • Ring - x3pp enhancer, adds +20 to all bow shots, reduces chance of fumble by 2.
  • Boots - of Limbrunning
  • Helm - adds +50 to hiding.


  • Orophinion
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