Druin or Sadal the Proud

Druin the Proud (Hi." Clever" or Av. "Savage-one"), known as Sadal (Ch."Rude" or Io."Judge") among the Khazad and Easterlings or Thrár (W."Bold one"; Del."Stubborn") among the Westron speaking Men,, was the father of the Blacklocks, the seventh Tribe of the Khazâd. He was believed to have returned seven times.

  • Drûin I - Drûin´s first Awakening after Mahal had set the seven fathers and six mothers of the Khazad to sleep. Drûin I awoke with the first rise of the sun in the north of the Orocarni with his friend Malin and his Queen Vigdis. He led his tribe during the first Age who did not choose a new king until Drûin´s second Awakening.
  • Drûin II - also called Drûin the young he awoke in S.A. 625 and led his people into the East. He was the second King of Drûin's House. Founder of the Walled Kingdom of Ruuriik, Drûin followed Balli the rash and boldly led his tribe to their new home high in the Red mountains. Druin the Younger wed Bis and was the proud father of two maidens, Gris and Nuris, a rare feat, In return for Bis' hand Druin granted his aged father-in-law King Malin, a fief covering the northern half of the Kingdom of Ruuriik. Malin was thereafter known as First Vassal and King of Northern Ruuriik.
  • Druin III - He suffered through the siege and burning of Ruuriik in S.A. 1157.He fought valiantly in the long and dark Years of Treachery. A well-spoken military leader, Druin is said to have given moving speeches before battle, inspiring his troops lo remarkable feats of heroism.He immediately rose from death as Drûin IV.
  • Drûin IV - King of Northern Ruuriik for less than three days, Drûin III became Lord of the eastern Houses when King Drarin the Fool perished fighting at Brul Faliodukum. A bold warrior, he led his army against Orcs and Trolls in the Mountains of the Wind, losing only one battle, his last. He died fighting the Demon Muar in S.A. 1157.
  • Drûin V - Ruled about TA 1650.Called Drûin the Deranged by his enemies.Aptly named, this Dwarf-lord, successor of Nam the Miner II did battle against all foes and most friends. Records of that time (mid-Third Age) indicate that "Druin the Deranged" slew at least a dozen fellow Dwarves (mostly Stonefoots) whom he, imagined had impugned his honor, attacking some of them as they ate a meal or sipped mead.Some Scholars have suspected the influence of a Ring of Power on his actions.
  • Drûin VI - was murdered by the Necromancer as he sought refuge in the East.
  • Drûin VII - Drûin´s seventh Awakening was prophesied for the fourth Age.


The Name Druin seems to stem from gaelic Druin, "Clever", it was possibly taken from the Hillmen tongue.


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