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Thorondor (S."Eagle-King") was the chief of the Eagles of Beleriand in the First Age. He was a staunch friend and ally of the Edain and the Noldor. Among his noble deeds was the leading of the guard force of Eagles on Gondolin, the city of the Noldor in that Age, the rescue of Maedhros, the wounding of Morgoth himself, the recovery of the body of the Noldo Fingolfin during the Battle of the Sudden Flame (Dagor Bragollach), the rescue of Beren and Lúthien as they fled from Angband, and the leading of the Eagle forces during the Great Battle at the end of the First Age. Thorondor was allowed to go West at the end of the Age. No Great Eagle since has left such a legacy or been so powerful. His 180' wingspan made Thorondor the largest bird ever to fly over Endor, and his size enabled him to melee Dragons. It is believed that Thorondor was one of the Spirits of Air, a Maia who had once been the Herald of Manwë's, who had taken the shape of a bird and that the great Eagles were his descendants.


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