No denizen of Mount Gundabad, save for the Goblin-king himself, was a match for Thob in battle. This fearsome Cave Troll Warrior respected only the monarch's commands and dismissed allother Orcs as scum — - "squeeze 'em and they break." Thob was frequently drunk, since he had little to do but keep his band of Cave Trolls in line and crush the occasional revolt. He looked phenomenally stupid, eyes rolling and tongue lolling out of his gaping jaws,but appearances are deceiving. When called for, Thob could displaya brute cunning, astonishing to find in a Troll, and he often catched opponents off guard. The Troll's preferred weapon was a massive spiked iron mace which few Orcs could lift, let alone wield; Thob tossed it about with one hand. His den was in the Great Spire.


  • MERP:Mount Gundabad
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