A Thief is a person who steals other peoples property.A professional Thief is also called a Burglar.

But in a more common sense Thief may also refer to a Bausairin, Looter, Robber, Brigand, Charlatan, Pickpocket, Swindler, Fence, con-man, cardsharper, Catburglar, Smuggler, Pirate, Tomb-Raider etc.

Thieves of Renown



  • Balchoth Looter
  • Breeland Horsethief
  • Dorwinian Con-man
  • Dunlending Brigand
  • Dwarven Fence
  • Easterling Charlatan
  • Eriadorian Mountebank
  • Expert Treasure Hunter
  • Gondorian Pickpocket
  • half-orc Burglar
  • Haradron Tomb-raider
  • Harondorian smuggler
  • Hobbit rascal
  • Inland sea Pirate
  • Northron Outlaw cardshaper
  • Umbarean Gambler
  • Swindler of the tinker-folk
  • Variag catburglar
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