Thengel was born in T.A. 2905 as the youngest child and sole son of King Fengel of Rohan (r. T.A. 2903-53) and Queen Éolind Cyninge (r. T.A. 2903-T.A. 2905).


He had a stormy relationship with his unpleasant father and left the Riddermark upon reaching the age of majority. Thengel rode to Gondor and enlisted in the Steward Turgon's army. The Rohirric Prince fought in numerous campaigns on behalf of the South Kingdom, winning great renown and tremendous respect from the Dúnedain. At age thirty-eight he married Morwen of Lossarnach, a woman from Dor-en-Ernil who bore him five children: four daughters, including Théodwyn (b. T.A. 2963), and one son, Théoden Ednew (b. T.A. 2948). Three of the children were born in Minas Tirith and two in Edoras. When Fengel died in T.A. 2953, Thengel dutifully returned home and was crowned the sixteenth King of the Mark. He governed Rohan wisely until his death in T.A. 2980, but looked fondly back upon his years in Gondor as his happiest days. Yet, while many frowned on Thengel's use of Sindarin in his household, his rule proved successful. Rohan remained secure, despite Saruman's renouncement of his bond with the Rohirrim and the closing of Isengard. It was during Thengel's reign that Aragorn Elessar disguised himself and served in the Rohirrim's army, just before going to the court of Ecthelion in Minas Tirith.


  • Herugrim
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