The Two Trees


In the northeast part of Aman, at the middle of Valinor's center, Yavanna blessed a green mound. From the mound sprang the roots of Two Trees watered by the tears of Nienna. They rose, stirred by Yavanna's song; and light came out of their blossom, bathing the World once again in warm illumination. Their glowing dew-mists collected in wells below their roots, there to remain as a repository of life-giving light. This marked the beginning of the Count of Time. The older of the Two Trees, Telperion, shone silver, like the color of the underside of its deep green leaves. Laurelin, its counterpart, had spring- green leaves with gilded edges and gave off a golden radiance. Together they lit Arda, just as the Lamps had before them. Once again, the life of the World waxed, and Eru's vision continued to unfold.



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