Men from Zetta and Oriz worshipping the Shade

The Shade was the daughter of a long dead king from a land far south of the Sinking Plain. She was originally named Karyn Jardan, and early in her life she had been lured by the call of the mystical arts. The court magicians tutored her and found her an apt pupil. Her grasp of the principles was sure; by the time Princess Karyn had attained her 16th birthday, she had surpassed her teachers in power.

On the eve of her 21st birthday, the princess retired from the world at large. She established residence in an abandoned tower beyond the walls of the city. There she further increased her knowledge. Musty books on the verge of crumbling, dim scrolls, and stone tablets inscribed with mysterious carvings were fetched to her isolated tower. Taking advantage of the long life-span of the High Human race from which she descended, the princess unlocked many secrets long forgotten in the time of man.

Eventually, she was consumed by the Dark Powers, and Karyn Jardan was transformed into a being known to the locals as The Shade of the Sinking Plain. Ever affected by sunlight, The Shade withdrew from the world. Karyn's inanimate body was the source to her rebirth, for a mystical dark spell was upon her; and if ever she fell, by her inanimate body she would reappear to sow the seeds of discord again.

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