The Marish

The Marish was a broad flood plain , a mix of reed and brush flats interspersed with tree-covered islands. The men of Stock , at the northern end of the Marish , had originally built levees over the years to fend off the worst of the floods. Stoors from Tharbad, a city built entirely within a levee,however had greater plans. Dikes were being built and channels cut

across most of the valley of the Stock Brook, as far upstream as Woodhall. Other Stoors had simply moved into the marshes to take up their traditional hidden lifestyle. Conflicts between the builders and the hunters had dreadly occurred, and there had been talk of Hobbits murdering Hobbits in the Marish.The expanse of swampy ground was very tame by the later Third Age, with dikes and canals that diverted most of the Brandywine's floodwaters downstream to the Overbourne Marshes. The Causeway, an elevated, hardsurfaced road leading from Stock to Rushy to Deephallow, also served to restrain the river during spring floods. Only weeks of rain upriver could raise the Brandywine enough to block this roadway.

Settlements and Places of Note


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