LoTR LCG is deck building oriented, adventure card game (living card game) with RPG elements (e.g. story line driven plot by game mechanics, decision making has an impact on the further course of the game in the campaign mode).

The game is produced since 2011 by FFG

Game type: deck building (LCG, adventrue, RPG)

Players: designed for one or many players (game is scalable). 1-4 players is able to play with one Core Set.

Game modes: easy, normal or nightmare (with dedicated DLC's)

Gameplay types: cooperative or competitive (with dedicated DLC's)

Game design

Game consists of main box (Core Set) and many extensions - DLC's. Extensions are grouped in 2 main adventure lines:

  • by thematic plot of books: Hobbit and LoTR
  • or by made-up fan-fiction adventures (with big portion of Legendarium realism).

By deciding which extensions you want to buy, you can play Saga Campaigns (Hobbit, LotR plot) or imaginary adventure sequences associated more ore loosely with books (generally with Legendarium).

Some of adventures are placed in time frame before, during, or just after War of The Ring; some of them without any specific time but within the time frame of the end of the 3rd Age.

The great advantages of the game are:

  • the multitude of national language translations (over a dozen)
  • breathtaking artworks drawn by the best fantasy graphic designers
  • tones of suplementary materials
  • Print and play non-official expansions (single adventures as well as The 1st Age "Core Set" featuring Silmarillion)


There is wide and strong game fans community arround the world with many community site pages, blogs, channels, etc.

Most renown annual meetings:

  • Fellowship (worldwide in-stores event)
  • GenCon events (Indianapolis, USA)
  • Con of the Rings (Roseville, MN, USA)
  • Lure of Middle-Earth (Castle Stahleck in Bacharach, Germany)
  • Pyrkon events (Poznań, Poland)



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