Vanhä Isä

Thúlin the Swift (Del."Chanter" or Av."Breather" or "Wind-heir"), or Vanha Isä (La."Old Father") to the Forodwaith, was the father of the Stiffbeards, the fifth House of the Khazâd. He was prophecised to return seven times from the Grave to take over again leadership of his People.

  • Thúlin I - led his people after his first Awakening in the first Age.
  • Thúlin II the swift - led his people from Kheledkhizdin to Kibil-Tarag in the Iron Mountains.
  • Thúlin III - established contact and friendship with the Forodwaith.
  • Thúlin IV - lived about SA 2700. He killed his brother Thelor in a quarrel and was in turn slain by his niece Thris (daughter of Thelor).
  • Thúlin V - died during the great earthquakes that separated Kibil-Tarag from the mainland during the great cataclysm.
  • Thúlin VI - lived about TA 1700.Led his people in a life as Nomads of the Forodwaith after the fall of Kibil-Tarag.
  • Thúlin VII - was prophecised to awake in the fourth age and settle down the feud with his brother Sindri.


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